The Paris Climate Agreement: When Did It Start?

The Paris Climate Agreement, also known as the Paris Agreement, is an international treaty aimed at addressing the global issue of climate change. It was adopted by 196 countries in December 2015 during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) held in Paris, France. The agreement came into force on November 4, 2016, thirty days after the required number of countries ratified it.

The Paris Agreement is regarded as a historic milestone in the global effort to combat climate change, as it is the first-ever universal, legally binding agreement on climate change. It sets a long-term goal to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, while pursuing efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The agreement requires countries to submit their own nationally determined contributions (NDCs) outlining their targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as plans for adapting to the adverse impacts of climate change. These NDCs are to be updated every five years to reflect a country`s progress towards meeting their targets.

One of the key principles of the Paris Agreement is the concept of equity, recognizing that the developed countries, which have historically contributed the most to greenhouse gas emissions, have a greater responsibility to take action than developing countries. The agreement also includes provisions that address financial and technological support for developing countries in their efforts to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change.

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement, there have been several significant developments, including the withdrawal of the United States under the Trump administration. However, the Biden administration has since rejoined the agreement in January 2021, signaling a renewed commitment to tackling the global climate crisis.

In conclusion, the Paris Climate Agreement started on November 4, 2016, and marks a significant turning point in the global effort to address climate change. While much work remains to be done, the agreement provides a framework for countries to come together and take collective action towards a more sustainable future.