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Jalakan RT 2, RW 3 Begajah, Kec. Sukoharjo, Sukoharjo

SDII Al Abidin Sukoharjo Proudly Presents TRIAL CLASS for TK A and TK B, Let Join Us!


Known as International Islamic Elementary School in Sukoharjo, SDII Al Abidin Sukoharjo proudly presents a TRIAL CLASS for TK A and TK B students.

For your information, Trial Class is a one-day-class for your kids who want to know more about the programs in our school, SDII Al Abidin Sukoharjo.

This fun programs will be held on Saturday, August 12th 2023 at SDII Al Abidin Sukoharjo.

It will start at 7 AM and costs only for Rp 10.000. It will be fun since we will do some activities together, such as

Adab Learning and Quran Memorizing

Science Experiment and Fun English

Logical Learning by Unplugged Coding Games

What are you waiting for? Grab it fast, contact Ms Hilya ( 0858-9043-3398) for registration.

We’re waiting for you and see you!

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